Rental Rates & Reservations

A deposit of $450 is required to confirm your chapel reservation.

Special rates are available for University of Northwestern alumni, students and employees. Ask the Marketing & Sales Coordinator for more information.

When selecting a Friday evening ceremony or a Saturday evening ceremony a reception is required in the Blue Room. When selecting a Saturday morning ceremony or a Sunday ceremony a reception in the Blue Room is possible, but not required.

*Dancing may be incorporated with a Blue Room reception on Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sundays.

"Your staff and facilities are outstanding! We couldn't have asked for a better day!"

Chapel Rental Rates

Wedding Day and Time Jan.–April, Nov.–Dec. May–Oct.
Friday* - 7 p.m. $895 $995
Saturday - Morning $895 $995
Saturday - 3 p.m. $1,100 $1,200
Saturday - Evening* $895 $995
Sunday* - Anytime (2-7 p.m) $895 $995

Deposit and Minimum Food Purchase

Reception Location and Day Deposit Minimum Food Purchase
Blue Room - Friday $675 $2,500
Blue Room - Saturday Morning & Sunday $675 $2,000
Blue Room - Saturday Evening $675 $3,000
Blue Room - Monday–Thursday $300 $800
Graham Commons or Youderian Lounge - Any day $300 $650